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Mobile & Full Stack Software Consulting


Hey there! My name is Nick, and I’m an accomplished software consultant with over a decade of experience working on everything from scalable full-stack web applications to award-winning mobile apps. I also happen to be a technical writer, entrepreneur, and all-around technologist. If you need help with a software project, or you just want to say hi, I’d love to talk.

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My primary focus is software development, and with over a decade in the industry, I bring a deep knowledge of mobile technology, particularly in how it relates to the user experience.


I have tight relationships with some of the most talented design professionals in the industry. Through strategic partnerships, I can bring world-class visuals and UX to your project.


My writing has been featured in industry publications and I am a regular contributor to one of the top mobile tutorial sites on the web. If you’re in need of copywriting for your marketing material or software, I can help.


Nick was great to work with. He came in and took our mess of an app and quickly turned it into something that was both simple to use and easy to work with. Nick was professional, responsive and most important, an incredible developer. I will use Nick any time I need an app built in the future.

Mike ManginoHubTran

Nick was amazing to work with! He helped us build a new iOS and Android app from the ground up and was incredible in every aspect of the project—particularly his wisdom & guidance around some key decisions.

Keith SchachtMystery Science

We have been very fortunate to work with Nick as part of the iOS/Android development for our TBV platform. Nick has been involved with our project from Day 1 and has been instrumental in our success. Nick has been great about keeping us on track from MVP through our completed build. Additionally, he has been incredibly patient in working with my partner and I and has been able to bring the technology to a level that we can both understand which has allowed us to make better informed decisions.

David RosenbergTBV

Nick is a very experienced mobile engineer whose advice I trust and value. He performed an accessibility audit for our mobile app that was very helpful in pointing out several areas where we could improve and he made it easy for our engineers to understand and quickly make changes.

Adam BrodBookBub