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Hey there! My name is Nick, and I’m an accomplished software consultant with over a decade of experience working on everything from scalable full-stack web applications to award-winning mobile apps. I also happen to be a technical writer, entrepreneur, and all-around technologist. If you need help with a software project, or you just want to say hi, I’d love to talk.

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My primary focus is software development, and with over a decade in the industry, I bring a deep knowledge of mobile technology, particularly in how it relates to the user experience.


I have tight relationships with some of the most talented design professionals in the industry. Through strategic partnerships, I can bring world-class visuals and UX to your project.


My writing has been featured in industry publications and I am a regular contributor to one of the top mobile tutorial sites on the web. If you’re in need of copywriting for your marketing material or software, I can help.